The law office has been situated at its current location since 1990 in a historical section of Homewood and housed in one of the oldest former homes in the area. The location was selected as a result of the convenience of its proximity to all major traffic corridors and for the benefit of access by clients throughout Birmingham.  An expansion of the facility was necessitated in 2004 as a result of the addition of other attorneys desiring to participate in a space sharing arrangement. The seamless integration of the old dwelling and the new addition reinforces the firms commitment to the community and those it serves.  Now home to five independent practicing  attorneys, the office enjoys the collaborative benefit of sharing the expertise of other attorneys with varied expertise. Front door parking is available to clients as well as free street parking for overflow. While virtual offices of attorneys have their place, there can be no substitute for having a venue that is both familiar and comfortable to a client while at the same time housing the tools necessary to be their advocate. We are here to tirelessly serve our clients and provide competent and dependable legal counseling and services at rates that are often both more efficient and more competitive than those which are often found among larger firms. In most instances, technological advances evens the playing field when considering the capabilities of lawyers to perform various tasks. We welcome a chance to serve you.