Having been born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, I sought to plant myself in Birmingham and attended Cumberland School of Law on the campus of Samford University. After graduating from law school at 25, I was admitted to the Alabama State Bar in 1986 and from the inception of my legal career have always been a solo practitioner. Flying solo has given me a very broad perspective of many areas of the law that are often foreign to many practitioners who have isolated their practice to a narrowly defined practice. While the varied experience has been helpful, my practice has evolved into more defined areas that I have taken special interests in over the years. I believe that my broad base of knowledge in many areas of the law serves to the benefit of my client by allowing me to recognize issues to be dealt with and to the extent those issues are outside my comfort zone experience, offer a referral of their matter to another attorney who might be more equipped to handle their case.

On a more personal level, I enjoy family time as well as a wide variety of hobbies and other extracurricular activities which include southern staples such as hunting and fishing, but others as well which are “hands on” and involve creativity such as carpentry, horticulture, guitar and mechanics. I enjoy the sense of accomplishment those hobbies afford. I participate in both church and civic activities, like to travel to new places, and enjoy recreational time by cycling, going for a run, or getting in a workout at the rec.  I believe that the choreography of mind, body and spirit lends itself to personal fulfillment.